Child-friendly Fitness Classes

((BOUNCE)) is trampoline fitness for adults and it began with 8 mini-trampolines in 2014 at a local community centre in Harlow, the pioneering business idea arose from a clear gap in the market for ‘child friendly fitness classes’ where Mums could take kids along to workout without prejudice.

Parenting can be emotionally stressful and physically draining but focusing on good health within a family unit is imperative to maintaining wellbeing so ensuring that “exercise is fun for everyone” is the company’s main priority.

Now 5 years on, ((BOUNCE)) has grown across the UK with over 300 studios and averaging 35,000 attendees each month. The company moved into their new Harlow Headquarters housing over 100 trampolines per class, meaning there’s plenty of room for lots of parents and their little ones plus beauty rooms and dance studios.

Recently winning the ‘BEST BUSINESS WOMEN IN HEALTH & WELLNESS 2018’ as well as the ‘BEST FITNESS CLASS FOR PARENTS’ for the second year running are exciting awards to achieve about because it means people within the community are enjoying the connection that the company is so focused on promoting making fitness more accessible and more enjoyable.