MGM Clinics

The community support for MGM Clinics has been immense, since we moved to our new home in the Harlow Business Park in 2017. The Clinic provides treatments via Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage, and people are passionate in their support because they come in pain and leave feeling better, with clear advice and the tools to help themselves.

With a whole person approach where education around fitness, diet, exercise and injury prevention are key- we continue to want to work towards helping Harlow to be a healthy place to be! Our Two Harlow Business Awards in 2018 tell us we are on the right track.

The clinic atmosphere matches that of Harlow- relaxed and friendly, where people take pride in their self-development. With a  focus on educating our clients, both one to one and out in the community, we are building strong ties via our educational, charity and community events and now within the business community via the expansion of our B2B Mobile MGM service.

Bidfood Harlow were looking for a way to increase their staff welfare, in turn reducing the number of sick days taken by their 200 employees.  After hearing of our reputation for keeping employees at work, they decided we were the right people to partner with them as their health and wellbeing clinic of choice.

Not only have we helped staff members who have suffered muscular skeletal complaints return to work quickly, our ethos with Mobile MGM is prevention is better than cure, so we now provide staff with maintenance programs to ensure they stay fit and healthy.

Our mission is to reduce the number of sick days lost in the Harlow area due to Musculoskeletal disorders. It is our pleasure and privilege to be working with such great companies locally, and we look forward to being of service for many years to come. Thanks to endeavours such as Discover Harlow and the Harlow Showcase we are connected in a positive and meaningful way to the beating heart of Harlow.